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Topic:Offshore City Esbjerg -Renewables


Esbjerg is Denmark’s energy metropolis
Upholding Esbjerg’s position in the fast-developing offshore sector is hard work, says Esbjerg’s mayor Johnny Søtrup
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Gateway to the offshore sector
Local representation in Esbjerg is to be springboard for Total Wind’s further growth
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Semco Maritime developes communication systems for the offshore wind industry
Has used experience from the oil and gas industry to develope offshore wind communication packages
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Operation technologist - new 2-year offshore course
First batch of graduates finish in the spring - expectations are high
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Olesen & Jensen gearing up new energy division for growth
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New regional networking groups in the offshore
Offshore Center Danmark stablishes networking group for companies in the offshore wind sector in Greater Copenhagen as the first of a series of regional, new networking groups
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Denmark and China initiate collaboration on sustainable energy
The concerted effort may lead to enhanced demand for green products from Danish offshore companies
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Offshore wind projects should be located in the North Sea
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