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ON/OFF News 12 with focus on Offshore Wind Power


Huge Interest for the Offshore Market
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Offshore – how? This way!
A new handbook motivates small and middle-sized enterprises
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VIKING enjoys Growth
VIKING enjoys Growth despite the falling Dollar
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The Market of Challenges
Danish Know-How is important in a fast-growing Market
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ABB-technology gives Offshore Wind Farms new Capabilities
One of ABB’s largest orders in 2007 came from a unit of E.ON, Germany’s biggest utility, for technology that will link one of the world’s largest offshore wind farm to the German power grid. “The project is unique,” said Karl-Heinz Lampe, Managing Director of E.ON Netz Offshore.
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Falck Nutec focuses on offshore safety
Falck-Nutec’s new courses are targeted the offshore wind industry
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How to choose the right Location for an Offshore Wind Farm?
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Cheaper Offshore Wind Farms due to new Techniques
Bucket foundation for offshore wind farms
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Building a Bridge between common Danish-German Investment Adventures
A well-attended network event in Esbjerg for Danish and German offshore wind companies
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Need for a common Access System
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23 Areas have been selected for Danish Wind Farms
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E.ON out – E.ON in
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COWI designs Rødsand II
Designs both offshore transformer station and wind turbine foundations
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The Germans are looking at Rømø
Consider to use Danish Port of Disembarkation for German Offshore Wind Park
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Adress: Horns Rev II, Room 5, the North Sea
The first permanent Accommodation Platform in the World to be built for Danish Offshore Wind Farm
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Wave Impact on Offshore Wind Turbines and Foundations
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A2SEA invests massively in Crane Vessels
A2SEA predicts lack of material to install offshore wind turbines
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You need IT in the Offshore Industry – but keep it simple
Suggestive paper at the IT-conference held on May 6h 2008
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