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Offshore center Danmark supports international market activities and facilitating development of competences for the offshore industry

Denmark was the first country to discover oil in the North Sea and is today the only oil-exporting country in the EU, and having some of the worlds most wellknown players in the wind industry being based in Denmark. Offshore Center Danmark is the connecting link and catalyst in the offshore sector and ensures that the Danish offshore industry keeps developing and becoming still more internationalized.

Offshore Center Danmark are working with several internationalization projects. An example is the project GODAW – German and Danish Offshore Wind. The overall goal in this project is to actively contribute to increased value creation in the region within the field of exploitation of offshore wind energy.

OWIB and OGIB are examples on how Offshore Center Danmark are working with internationalization. OWIB and OGIB are annual international network events dedicated towards making contacts and contracts within the offshore wind industry and the Oil and Gas industry.

Also the ongoing project "Internationalization"  is an example to mention.  During the past 20 years Danish offshore industry have gained unique expertise in a number of important areas, including oil and gas extraction from tight reservoirs. In recent years these competencies have been marketed and sold in selected markets abroad. One of the ways this have been achieved is through cooperation among export-oriented organizations in the Danish offshore industry.

Knowledge is highlighted repeatedly in the contracting international markets as the primary competitive factor. But exactly “what knowledge” and “how knowledge should be marketed and sold internationally”, is not clear.

In the development project “Internationalization” Offshore Center Danmark has selected 5 markets that are especially interesting for cooperation with the Danish offshore sector.

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