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Welcome to Offshore Center Danmark

Offshore Center Danmark is the official national competence and innovation center for the Danish offshore industry. On behalf of its 260+ member companies and institutions Offshore Center Danmark push development with the aim of growth within the Danish offshore industry. Focus areas are oil & gas, offshore wind, the offshore maritime area and wave energy. These areas are operated in two divisions Oil & Gas and Renewables:

   Oil & Gas
Denmark was the first country to discover oil in the North Sea and is today the only oil-exporting country in the EU. Around 600 companies are involved in the Danish oil and gas sector, which includes oil companies, suppliers, specialists, researchers and educational establishments. Offshore Center Danmark - Oil & Gas is the connecting link and catalyst in the sector and ensures that the Danish offshore oil and gas sector keeps developing and keeps becoming still more internationalised.
Since the world’s first offshore wind farm was erected in Denmark in 1991 in the southern part of the country, a significant industry has emerged that is involved in renewable energy. Operators, producers, sub-suppliers of products and services plus a range of research and educational institutions are involved in a very active and focused way in this sector. Offshore Center Danmark - Renewable is the connecting link and a catalyst that helps continued expansive development on the way both in a technological sense and in relation to the market.
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