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Syddansk erhvervskaravane
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Statusmøde: Terrorsikring
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Power Cluster status meeting
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CMS statusmeeting, Paris
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Offshore Wind Power Conference "Essential innovations"
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Network Event for new members
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Dallas 09 MTB Oil and Gas
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Netværksgruppen HSSE møde
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Syddansk Erhvervskaravane
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Møde i underleverandør netværket
Oilclean conference

Calender event:


February 25 2009

Event: Oilclean conference

Offshore Center Danmark has completed a development project in corporation with a number of national authoriries and companies. A market survey has been produced in relation to the bodies involved with oil spills and response to these accidents. The aim of this conference is to inform of findings and describe highlights witihn the oilspill area, and to give an overview of the current situation in relation to oil spills and response.

You are hereby kindly invited to participate in a one day conference in accordance with this program.

The proceedings for this conference were sponsored partly by the Danish Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation, partly by companies within the Danish offshore sector. The proceedings for the conference were initiated during the spring of 2008.

Registration sheet for fax can be found here.


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