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March 9 2010

Conference: UKSPILL10 Marine Spill Seminar

OPRC (1990) is twenty years old – what effect has it had and what does it mean NOWto the oil spill industry and the regulators

In March 2010, UKSpill is hosting Europe in a 2 day seminar – themed, on its 20th birthday, on how OPRC has worked, given the common bond for UK and Europe industry and regulators, where we share major risks along its coastlines from oil and chemical pollution, and what opportunities this creates.

Entering a new decade for spill prevention and restoration this seminar is about what has been achieved over 20 years, what the spill industry SHARES with government, and where
do we DIFFER between across borders in preparing for and dealing with Marine Oil Spill incidents.

It is about what we can LEARN from the last 20 years and each other, and what impact OPRC is likely to have on our businesses in the future

Read more about this event her


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