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 1.   Annual Meeting:
Energi på havet - 2-Årskonference
 6.   Course:
Certificate in Wind Power
Scientific Support for the Transitionto A low carbon economy
 7.   Conference:
The FPSO Vessel Conference
Deepwater Production Tech
Wind Farm Development
 8.   Conference:
 13.   Event:
Proces Dage 12
 14.   Conference:
4th Offshore vessels Summit
 15.   Conference and Exhibition:
Wave & Tidal energy event
 16.   Conference:
Future Renewable Energy
 18.   Conference:
Oil Field Chemistry Symposium 2012
 19.   Conference:
Cippe 2012
 21.   Conference:
Oil & Gas Communications 2012
Finanzierungsformen 2012 für die Windenergie (On-/Offshore)
 27.   Conference:
Oil & Gas OUTLOOK North Sea
Conference and Exhibition:
8th Maritime Communications & Technology
 28.   Conference:
Emergency Response & Effective Crisis Management for Oil, Gas, Chemical and Marine Terminals 2012
 29.   Conference:
Smart Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Power

External Event:


March 6 2012

Conference: Scientific Support for the Transitionto A low carbon economy(København, Danmark)

Science is the basis of international climate policy. In the fight against climate change, both at international and domestic levels, the development and deployment of low carbon technologies play a critical role. More research is needed to understand the atmospheric system and its interaction with human activities. Scientific support is key to stimulate and catalyze technological and business opportunities in the transition to a low carbon economy.

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