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OGIB - Oil & Gas Business2Business Event 2012
Velkommen til temadag: ’Der er go’ energi i Hanstholm’ 23. maj 2012.
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May 23 2012

Event: OGIB - Oil & Gas Business2Business Event 2012(Esbjerg)

In recent years we have received enquiries from many businesses in the oil and gas sector for a Business2Business event for the sector. We have chosen to comply with the wish and consequently such an event "Oil & Gas International Business2Business event", OGIB will be held on 23 May 2012 in Esbjerg.

Registration for OGIB 2012 closed May 1.
In case you are interested in participating, please contact Morten Holmager at mh@offshorecenter.dk / 3697 3672 to hear about the options.


The ambition of OGIB is to make a recognised international event based in Denmark.
This should help offering Danish companies a platform to build networks with other actors, not least in the international market.
We hope that you will support this ambition by attending the OGIB on 23 May 2012 in Esbjerg.
Registration will be possible early February 2012.

Briefly about OGIB

As the official knowledge and innovation centre for the Danish offshore sector, Offshore Center Danmark is in charge of contributing to the continued development of the sector.
An important part of this work is to promote Danish companies and create the opportunities that Danish companies can connect with Danish and foreign business partners. OGIB is an important activity in this work.

OGIB is an annual networking event targeted against establishment of contacts in the offshore Oil & Gas sector. The event is an alternative to traditional conferences and exhibitions, where it might be difficult to meet the right persons. At OGIB, each participant has the opportunity to pre-book up to 17 meetings of 15 minute length with the participating businesses. The participants come from various businesses ranging all levels of the supply chain.

Click below to go to www.ogib.dk where further information is available:



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