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A general introduction to offshore can be found in OffshoreBook or obtained by attending the basic courses in offshore oil and gas and offshore wind energy.

Offshore Center Danmark contributes to build a strong knowledge environment, and in this way the Danish offshore sector is put at the international geographical map.

This is done through the maintenance of the virtual knowledge database found on these pages.

The knowledge database includes several hundreds documents and is constantly expanded. It is our goal that the database will include all relevant information about Danish offshore.

In the menu on the left you can search through the documents within the different categories.

Many of the documents are PDF-files and many documents are in Danish.

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  Wake Effects on Middelgrund Windfarm (5.739 KB)
Artikel fra Risø National Laboratory, Roskilde
Udgiver: Risø National Laboratory (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Risø National Laboratory 

  Wave Dragon – A slack moored wave energy converter (254 KB)
Artikel om Wave Dragon.
Udgiver: Wave Dragon APS (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: Wave Dragon APS 

  Wave energy Utilization in Europe (3,8 MB)
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES), 2002.
Udgiver: Center for Renewable Energy Sources  (Year: 2002) 
Forfatter: Center for Renewable Energy Sources  

  Wavenet (5.618KB)
Results from the work of European thematic network.
Udgiver: EESD (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: EESD 

  WaveNet Full Report (5,5 MB)
Omfattende rapport fra a European Commission Thematic Network omkring bølge- og tidevandsenergi. Marts 2003.
Udgiver: European Commission Thematic Network  (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: European Commission Thematic Network  

  Welcome to the world of Industrial IT (16,1 MB)
ABB: Welcome to the world of Industrial IT
Udgiver: ABB (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: ABB 

  What does Maersk Oil expect from SMV (768 KB)
Brief presentation of Maersk Oil What does it take to become a supplier to Maersk Oil ? How does Maersk Oil select future suppliers ? Which Standards, Norms, etc. must be complied with Which areas of supply are relevant for SMV’s
Udgiver: Mearsk oil (Year: 2008) 
Forfatter: Mikael Tubaek 

  Why select CWO Semco Maritime (140 KB)
Information fra CWO Semco Maritime
Udgiver: CWO Semco Maritime (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: CWO Semco Maritime 

  Wind energy - Introduction (278KB)
The theory behind wind energy.
Udgiver: New Zealand Wind Energy Association  (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: New Zealand Wind Energy Association  

  Wind Energy - The Facts (387 KB)
An analysis of wind energy in the EU-25
Udgiver: EWEA (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: EWEA 

  Wind Energy in Denmark - 2001 (149kB)
Wind Energy in Denmark - 2001 - Udarbejdet af Danish Wind Energy Authority
Udgiver: Danish Wind Energy Authority (Year: 2002) 
Forfatter: Danish Wind Energy Authority 

  Wind Energy Technology - The technology of turbines (73,5 KB)
Artikel fra BWEA
Udgiver: BWEA (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: BWEA 

  Wind Force 12 (1,7 MB)
Feasibility Study fra European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) og Greenpeace.
Udgiver: EWEA  (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: EWEA  

  Wind is Power (221 KB)
Publikation fra The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)
Udgiver: EWEA (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: EWEA 

  Wind Power installed in Europe by end of 2003 (1.574 KB)
Skema over vind kraft (EWEA dokument)
Udgiver: EWEA (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: EWEA  

  Wind Power Targets for Europe: 75,000 MW by 2010 (1.210 KB)
Briefing fra The European Wind Energy Association
Udgiver: EWEA (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: EWEA 

  Wind resources and wind farm wake effects offshore observed (2.395KB)
Satellite observations are obtained from different satellite sources.
Udgiver: Risø National Laboratory (Year: 2005) 
Forfatter: Risø National Laboratory 

  Wind Turbine Certification DNV and Risø (652 KB)
Wind Turbine Certification - DNV and Risø in technical co-operation.
Udgiver: DNV and Risø in technical co-operation. (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: DNV  

  Wind turbine in Denmark (2,74MB)
This booklet, Wind Turbines in Denmark, aims to provide a general introduction to wind turbines in Denmark. It is directed at municipalities, wind turbine players and other interested parties, who will gain insight into relevant topics relating to wind turbines. The descriptions of the individual topics are intended to answer and elaborate on questions that are frequently asked about wind turbines.
Udgiver: Energistyrelsen (Year: 2009) 
Forfatter: Energistyrelsen 

  WindEnergy Study 2004 (278 KB)
Pressemeddelelse vedr. WindEnergy 2004, der blev afholdt i Hamborg 11 - 14. maj 2004.
Udgiver: WindEnergy  (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: www.windenergy-hamburg.de 

  World Record in Extended Reach Drilling, Well 33/9-C10, Statfjord Field, Norway (77 KB)
Artikel fra Society of Petroleum Engineers, http://www.spe.org
Udgiver: Society of Petroleum Engineers (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Society of Petroleum Engineers 

  Worldwide Experience (150 KB)
Information fra CWO Semco Maritime
Udgiver: CWO Semco Maritime (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: CWO Semco Maritime 

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