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A general introduction to offshore can be found in OffshoreBook or obtained by attending the basic courses in offshore oil and gas and offshore wind energy.

Offshore Center Danmark contributes to build a strong knowledge environment, and in this way the Danish offshore sector is put at the international geographical map.

This is done through the maintenance of the virtual knowledge database found on these pages.

The knowledge database includes several hundreds documents and is constantly expanded. It is our goal that the database will include all relevant information about Danish offshore.

In the menu on the left you can search through the documents within the different categories.

Many of the documents are PDF-files and many documents are in Danish.

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  PAJ Systemteknik præsentation (26,022 MB)
PAJ Systemteknik,
Udgiver: PAJ Systemteknik (Year: 2009) 
Forfatter: PAJ Systemteknik 

  Performance Of Hydraulic Fracturing And Matrix Acidizing In Horizontal Wellbores - Offshore Qatar (82 KB)
Artikel fra Society of Petroleum Engineers, http://www.spe.org
Udgiver: Society of Petroleum Engineers (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Society of Petroleum Engineers 

  Permitting small wind turbines (511KB)
How to build your own wind turbine.
Udgiver: Renewable Enenrgy Program (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Peter Asmus 

  Perspektiver for udbygningen med vindkraft og den tilhørende teknologiske udvikling og forskning i Danmark (1 MB)
Foredrag af vicedirektør Knud Pedersen, Enegistyrelsen ved Vindenergikonference 2003, afholdt af Dansk Selskab for Vindenergi november 2003.
Udgiver: Energistyrelsen (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Knud Pedersen 

  Petrobras Overview, Opportunities, Current Results & Future Outlook (417 KB)
Præsentation fra Brazilean Oil and Gas Delegation visit to Denmark 15-20 June 2003
Udgiver: Brazilean Oil and Gas Delegation (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Brazilean Oil and Gas Delegation 

  Pioneering Oilfield Technology (894KB)
Forward-looking management at companies
Udgiver: NOV (Year: 2008) 
Forfatter: David Reid 

  Platform Decommissioning Trends (79 KB)
Artikel fra Society of Petroleum Engineers, http://www.spe.org
Udgiver: Society of Petroleum Engineers (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Society of Petroleum Engineers 

  POWER Offshore Wind (690 KB)
A report conducted in collaboration between Offshore Center Danmark and AC Consult
Udgiver: Offshore Center Danmark  (Year: 2005) 
Forfatter: Offshore Center Danmark 

  Power puzzle (5.721KB)
Om hvordan miljøe påvirkes af vores personlige energivalg.
Udgiver: Aarhus Kommune (Year: 2008) 
Forfatter: Jørgen Korsegaard 

  Practical application of (1,5 MB)
Praktisk anvendelse af "olie-gennemskylning & total renhed" i hydraulik- og smøre-olie systemer.
Udgiver: Ocean Team Scandanavia A/S (Year: 2005) 
Forfatter: Jens P.H Thomsen 

  Practical application of "oil - flushing & total purity" in hydraulic - and lub oil system (370 KB)
The purpose of this concept is to describe an instrument (guide) on how to treat the subject "total purity" in hydraulic and lub. oil systems on a practical level – (where it actually belongs) – in order to demonstrate that meeting the requirements conc. a high degree of purity should defi- nitely not be a theoretical unattainable wish or goal, which everybody talks and writes about, but still few take action to obtain.
Udgiver: Ocean Team scandinavia (Year: 2009) 
Forfatter: Jens P.H. Thomsen 

  Predicting offshore wind energy resourced (260KB)
In the coming years, exploitation of offshore wind energy is set to play a central role in Europe’s overall energy strategy.
Udgiver: Risø National laboratory  (Year: 2001) 
Forfatter: G M Watson 

  Priority-setting regarding offshore substances and preparations (635 KB)
Artikel fra VKI Institut for Vandmiljø
Udgiver: VKI  (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: VKI Institut for Vandmiljø 

  Probabilistic design of wind turbines (189KB)
Operation and maintenance planning for offshore wind turbines
Udgiver: Danish Research Energy (Year: 2006) 
Forfatter: John Dalsgaard Sørensen 

  Problems and Benefits Associated with the Development of Offshore Wind-Farms (228KB)
The use of offshore wind energy is a relatively new and a rapidly increasing activity in the marine environment.
Udgiver: OSPAR Commission (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: OSPAR Commission 

  Produced water from production of crude oil. (394KB)
Produced water is water trapped in underground formations that is brought to the surface along with oil or gas.
Udgiver: Argonne National Laboratory (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: John A. Veil 

  Production & Service (110 KB)
Brochure fra CWO Semco Maritime om hvad de kan gøre indenfor Production & Service.
Udgiver: CWO Semco Maritime  (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: CWO Semco Maritime  

  Produktion og beskæftigelse ved vindenergi (73,5 KB)
Faktablad Ø2, oktober 2003, om produktion og beskæftigelse ved vindenergi. Udgivet af Danmarks Vindmølleforening.
Udgiver: Danmarks Vindmølleforening (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Danmarks Vindmølleforening 

  Projekt og planlægningsværktøj (4,13 MB)
Foredrag af Per Nielsen, EMD ved Vindenergikonference 2003 afholdt af Dansk Selskab for Vindenergi, november 2003
Udgiver: EMD  (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Per Nielsen  

Danske Bank A/S, HSBC Bank plc, ING Bank N.V., J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd. and Nordea Bank Danmark A/S (together, the "Managers") have not independently verified the information contained herein. Accordingly, no representation, warranty or undertaking, express or implied, is made and no responsibility or liability is accepted by the Managers as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained or incorporated in this Prospectus or any other information provided by the Issuer in connection with the offering of the EUR 750,000,000 4.875% Bonds due 2014 (the "Bonds") to be issued by A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S (the "Issuer"). No Manager accepts any liability in relation to the information contained or incorporated by reference in this Prospectus or any other information provided by the Issuer in connection with the offering of the Bonds or their distribution.
Udgiver: A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S (Year: 2009) 
Forfatter: A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S 

  Protective coating for offshore structures (1166 KB)
Protective coating for offshore structures.
Udgiver: JOTUN (Year: 2005) 
Forfatter: JOTUN 

  Prækvalifikation til udbud af havvindmøller ( Horns Rev II ). (43,9 KB)
Pressemeddelelse fra Energistyrelsen den 2. juli 2004
Udgiver: Energistyrelsen (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: Energistyrelsen 

Rules for Classification of High Speed, Light Craft and Naval Surface Craft
Udgiver: DET NORSKE VERITAS (Year: 2009) 

  På vej mod et renere havmiljø (1 MB)
Artikel fra Miljøstyrelsen
Udgiver: Miljøstyrelsen (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Miljøstyrelsen 

  Pålidelighedsmodel for havvindmølleparker (1.495 KB)
Artikel fra Forskningscenter Risø, Roskilde
Udgiver: Forskningscenter Risø (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Forskningscenter Risø, Roskilde 

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