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A general introduction to offshore can be found in OffshoreBook or obtained by attending the basic courses in offshore oil and gas and offshore wind energy.

Offshore Center Danmark contributes to build a strong knowledge environment, and in this way the Danish offshore sector is put at the international geographical map.

This is done through the maintenance of the virtual knowledge database found on these pages.

The knowledge database includes several hundreds documents and is constantly expanded. It is our goal that the database will include all relevant information about Danish offshore.

In the menu on the left you can search through the documents within the different categories.

Many of the documents are PDF-files and many documents are in Danish.

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  Maersk Oil and Gas (14119 KB)
Præsentation fra Brazilean Oil and Gas Delegation visit to Denmark 15-20 June 2003. Produktionsteder worldwide.
Udgiver: Mærsk Olie og Gas (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Mærsk Olie og Gas 

  Maersk Wijsmuller (1398 KB)
Præsentation fra Brazilean Oil and Gas Delegation visit to Denmark 15-20 June 2003.
Udgiver: Mærsk Olie og Gas  (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Mærsk Olie og Gas  

  Magnus field, UK North sea (1.15MB)
A strategy for improved oil recovery
Udgiver: Schlumberger (Year: 2007) 
Forfatter: Schlumberger 

  Management of produced water on offshore oil installations (1.05MB)
Udgiver: Policy Studies Institute (Year: 2005) 
Forfatter: Paul Ekins 

  Managing the Platform Decommissioning Process (71 KB)
Artikel fra Society of Petroleum Engineers, http://www.spe.org
Udgiver: Society of Petroleum Engineers (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Society of Petroleum Engineers 

  Man-made offshore installations (453 KB)
Offshore installations in the marine environment.
Udgiver: EBC (Year: 2001) 
Forfatter: Olivia Langhamer 

  Marginal Field Development - a Norwegian Perspective (1.03MB)
Contribute to creating the highest possible value for the society from the oil and gas activities by means of prudent resource management based on
Udgiver: Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: Stig Svalheim 

  Marine air systems (932 KB)
At the heart of your operation, Atlas Copco delivers quality compressed air for superior operational capacity. Choose from our range of products to build a complete and integrated compressed air system tailored to your specific needs.
Udgiver: Atlas Copco (Year: 2009) 
Forfatter: Atlas Copco 

Complete wind system
Udgiver: Esvagt (Year: 2009) 
Forfatter: Esvagt 

  Marine Oil Spill Response (4,88 MB)
The “Oil Spill Community” is at the same time spread world wide, and a narrow entity with roots in a few but very important organisations. Oil spills are in some ways like other disasters indifferent to politics, border lines between countries and other parameters, which have been created by human beings in order to organise the daily life. Therefore it is crucial that conventions and contingency plans for response in connection with an oil spill have been agreed upon prior to any such event happening. This naturally calls for various agreements on the strategic level, and for procedures, guide lines and training on the operational level.
Udgiver: Offshore Center Danmark (Year: 2009) 
Forfatter: Offshore Center Danmark 

  Marine oil spill response plan (632 KB)
The BC Marine Oil Spill Response Plan defines the scope and structure of the provincial government's involvement when responding to a major marine oil spill.
Udgiver: Ministry of enviroment-British Columbia (Year: 2007) 
Forfatter: Ministry of enviroment-British Columbia 

  Marine Renewable Energy - Devices (279 KB)
Om bølgeenergi etc (artikel fra BWEA)
Udgiver: BWEA (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: BWEA 

  Marine Renewable Energy - Resource (145 KB)
Artikel om bølgeenergi etc (fra BWEA)
Udgiver: BWEA (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: BWEA 

  Maskinmesteren management and technology (7,43 MB)
Rapporten ”Varmeplan Danmark” er fremlagt for folketingets energipolitiske udvalg. Den indeholder anbefalinger af investeringer for 75 mia. kr . til at ud-bygge fjernvarmenettet i Danmark.
Udgiver: Maskinmestrenes Forening (Year: 2008) 
Forfatter: Maskinmestrenes Forening 

  Mature fields (6181 KB)
growth in oil production must be achieved through a combination of new discoveries and optimized recovery from existing fields, which contain considerable residual reserves.
Udgiver: TOTAL S.A. (Year: 2006) 
Forfatter: TOTAL S.A. 

  MI L JØS TAT U S R A P POR T DE N D A NS K E NORD S Ø 20 0 9 (3.45 MB)
Maersk Oil blev stiftet i 1962, samme år som A.P. Møller fik tildelt koncessionen på efterforskning og produktion af olie og gas i Danmark. Maersk Oil er en del af A.P. Møller – Mærsk Gruppen. Gennem årene har Maersk Oil udviklet sig fra at være en dansk operatør i den danske Nordsø til et globalt olie- og gasselskab med en daglig produktion på cirka 650.000 tønder olie og 27 millioner kubikmeter naturgas. Maersk Oil har olie eller gas produktion i den danske og engelske del af Nordsøen, Qatar, Algeriet og Kasakhstan samt efterforskning i Angola, Norge, Oman, Brasilien og den amerikanske del af den Mexicanske Golf.
Udgiver: Mærsk oil (Year: 2009) 
Forfatter: Mærsk oil 

  Miljøvurdering af Fremtidens havmølleplaceringer 2025 (430KB)
Fremtidens havmølleplaceringer
Udgiver: COWI (Year: 2005) 
Forfatter: COWI 

  Modeling and Identification of Offshore Crane-Rig System (773 KB)
Rapport udarbejdet af Thor I. Fossen og Tor Arne Johansen, Norges Teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet
Udgiver: Norges Teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Thor I. Fossen og Tor Arne Johansen 

  Modne klynger i Region Syddanmark (741 KB)
Med udgangspunkt i Region Syddanmarks erhvervspolitiske satsning på klynger ønskes en evaluering af de modne klynger beliggende i den syddanske region.
Udgiver: Syddansk Universitet (Year: 2010) 
Forfatter: Syddansk Universitet 

  Monthly Oil Market Report (805KB)
The oil market moves towards fundamentals
Udgiver: OPEC (Year: 2008) 
Forfatter: OPEC 

  Muddied Waters (511 KB)
A Survey of Offshore Oilfield Drilling Wastes and Disposal Techniques to Reduce the Ecological Impact of Sea Dumping - by J. Wills, Sakhalin, Environment Watch - May 2000
Udgiver: Environment Watch  (Year: 2000) 
Forfatter: J. Wills, Sakhalin 

  Muliphase flow technology (45.1KB)
Horizontal/Directional Completion of Existing Wells
Udgiver: EnSys Yocum Incorporated (Year: 2006) 
Forfatter: EnSys Yocum Incorporated 

  Multi type application (505KB)
Developmet of the field
Udgiver: Society of Petroleum Engineers (Year: 2007) 
Forfatter: Muhammad Idris 

  Multiphase Production Control (323 KB)
a compositional software able to simulate the behaviour of transient multiphase flow in production pipelines and wells with process equipment such as controllers, valves, separators, lateral injectors,productivity index or bundles.
Udgiver: Institut français du pétrole (Year: 2002) 
Forfatter: V. Henriot 

  multiphase pumping (831 KB)
Operation of the helico-axial multi pumps
Udgiver: Society of Petroleum engineers (Year: 1996) 
Forfatter: Society of Petroleum engineers 

  Mylti layer completion for efficient tretment (1.15MB)
Completing multiple-layer formation
Udgiver: Schlumberger (Year: 2008) 
Forfatter: Gary Rytlewski 

  Myndigheder Offshore - Danmark (73 KB)
Oversigt over tilsynsførende myndigheder - artikel fra Energistyrelsen
Udgiver: Energistyrelsen (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Energistyrelsen 

  Mærsk Supply Service (31850 KB)
Præsentation fra Brazilean Oil and Gas Delegation visit to Denmark 15-20 June 2003. Præsentation af skibe og udstyr.
Udgiver: Mærsk Olie og Gas (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Mærsk Olie og Gas 

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