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A general introduction to offshore can be found in OffshoreBook or obtained by attending the basic courses in offshore oil and gas and offshore wind energy.

Offshore Center Danmark contributes to build a strong knowledge environment, and in this way the Danish offshore sector is put at the international geographical map.

This is done through the maintenance of the virtual knowledge database found on these pages.

The knowledge database includes several hundreds documents and is constantly expanded. It is our goal that the database will include all relevant information about Danish offshore.

In the menu on the left you can search through the documents within the different categories.

Many of the documents are PDF-files and many documents are in Danish.

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  IAT Base & Energy presentation (2.376 MB)
aim to become the most competitive partner for oil and gas operatin g companies – a partner who makes a difference
Udgiver: IAT Base & Energy (Year: 2009) 
Forfatter: IAT Base & Energy 

  Idéoplæg til forskningslaboratorium (469 KB)
Idéoplæg til forskningslaboratorium for offshore baseret vedvarende energi. Rapport for Frederikshavn og Læsø Kommuner.
Udgiver: MBD Offshore Power (Year: 2005) 
Forfatter: MBD Offshore Power 

  IEA Wind Energy Annual Report 2003 (4 MB)
IEA, April 2004
Udgiver: IEA  (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: IEA 

  IEC 61508 - Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) determination (422 KB)
Brochure fra ABB om fuldkommen fastlæggelse af sikkerhedsniveauer
Udgiver: ABB (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: ABB 

  IEC 61508 - Theory into practice (304 KB)
Brochure fra ABB om at gøre teorien i IEC 61508 til praksis.
Udgiver: ABB (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: ABB 

  IEC WT 01 - Wind Turbine Certification (64 KB)
IEC WT 01 beskriver det nye internationale certifikation skema "IEC System for conformity testing and certification of wind turbines"
Udgiver: DNV (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: DNV 

  IEE Professional Network on Power Systems Equipment (567 KB)
Præsentation udarbejdet af Norbert Christl, Siemens AG, vedrørende vindmøllers forbindelse til elektriske netværk.
Udgiver: Siemens AG (Year: 2005) 
Forfatter: Norbert Christl 

  Ilt-BølgeHøvlen (837 KB)
Beskrivelse af Ilt-BølgeHøvlen. Marts 2000.
Udgiver: Ilt-BølgeHøvlen (Year: 2000) 
Forfatter: Ilt-BølgeHøvlen 

  Impact assessment of an off-shore wind park on sea ducks (3,8 MB)
Rapport fra Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser - 1998
Udgiver: Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser  (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser  

  Implementing a demonstration of enhanced oil recovery (478KB)
Reduction of carbon dioxide
Udgiver: DTI (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: DTI 

  Incorporating human and organizational factors in risk analysis for (124 KB)
Risk analysis in offshore
Udgiver: NTNU/SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway (Year: 2005) 
Forfatter: S. Sklet 

  Index – Offshore Brazil (1,23 MB)
The Brazilian Oil & Gas sector has evolved dramatically since the monopoly of Petrobras ended with market de-regulation in 1997. Over the following 12 years, most major multinational oil companies have entered Brazil, which became a net oil exporter in late 2007.
Udgiver: Trade Council of Denmark (Year: 2009) 
Forfatter: Trade Council of Denmark 

  Industri Olie & Gas Årsprofil 2009 Industry olie & gas (1,22 MB)
For Atkins Danmark har 2008/09 været præget af vækst både i omsætning og indtjening. I forhold til året før steg omsætningen med 24% og antallet af nye medarbejdere med over 20%; ca. det dobbelte af branchens gennemsnit
Udgiver: Atkins (Year: 2009) 
Forfatter: Atkins 

  Industrial IT for Oil and Gas Industry (833 KB)
Brochure fra ABB om hvad de kan gøre indenfor Industrial IT for olie og gas industrien.
Udgiver: ABB (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: ABB 

  Industry as a partner for sustainable development (632 KB)
Oil and Gas - Publikation fra International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) og International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP)
Udgiver: IPIECA (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: IPIECA 

  Innovative Technology Advances Use of Electromagnetic MWD Offshore in Southern North Sea (99 KB)
Artikel fra Society of Petroleum Engineers, http://www.spe.org
Udgiver: Society of Petroleum Engineers (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Society of Petroleum Engineers 

  Insurance of Offshore Windfarms (204 KB)
Foredrag af Fraser MacLachlan, Miller Insurance ved Vindenergikonference 2003, afholdt af Dansk Selskab for Vindenergi, november 2003
Udgiver: Miller Insurance (Year: 2003) 
Forfatter: Fraser MacLachlan 

  Integrity Management (1.21MB)
Full scale service to the offshore and onshore industries
Udgiver: Force Technology (Year: 2008) 
Forfatter: Torbjørn Sotberg 

  International Offshore Installation Contractor (862 KB)
n view of the renewable energy commitments of many of the European countries, the demand for offshore windfarms became apparent.
Udgiver: Mammoet Van Oord B.V (Year: 2005) 
Forfatter: Mammoet Van Oord B.V 

  Internationalt vindkraftmarked 2002 (16 KB)
Pressemeddelelse fra BTM Consult ApS 20. marts 2003. Det internationale vindkraftmarked viste ny rekord 2002 men væksten, på 6%, var lavere end tidligere år.
Udgiver: BTM Consult  (Year: 2002) 
Forfatter: BTM Consult  

  Introduction to the Marine Renewable Sector (1.310KB)
Introduction to the marine renewable sector
Udgiver: Scottish Enterprise (Year: 2005) 
Forfatter: Scottish Enterprise 

  Introduction to the Oil Industry (5,58 MB)
‘Hydrocarbon’ is the term used to describe any organic compound consisting only of carbon and hydrogen. Hydrocarbon reserves evolve naturally and are derived from the decomposition of organic matter, algae and bacteria trapped and preserved in sedimentary deposits. Burial of these deposits and the corresponding increase in heat and pressure ‘cooks’ the organic matter. This breaks down the complex hydrogen and carbon molecules and converts them into solid, liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons known as fossil fuels.
Udgiver: USB Investment Research (Year: 2004) 
Forfatter: USB Investment Research 

  Invest guide Kurdistan iraq (3,245)
Invest guide Kurdistan iraq
Udgiver: The kurdistan board of investment (Year: 2010) 
Forfatter: The kurdistan board of investment 

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