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Find documents within the catagory Oil and Gas.

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Safeguard Safety Products (1066 KB)
Brochure fra ABB om Safeguard Safety Products

Safety at sea (376Kb)
NFPA and the offshore oil industry are helping to resolve dueling federal fire safety standards.

Safety Critical Systems - IEC61508 cabability (1,62 MB)
Brochure fra ABB om styring af kritiske sikkerhedssystemer mm.

Safety Management (1273 KB)
Brochure fra ABB om overordnet: Safety Management

Safety performance of helicopter operations in the oil & gas industry (913 KB)
Statistisk oversigt over helikopter-ulykker og -hændelser 1998 - 2002. OGP report no. 354 July 2004.

Samfundsøkonomisk analyse af bortskaffelse af borespåner. (176 KB)
Artikel fra Miljøstyrelsen Miljøprojekt nr. 736 2003

Samson Expertise in control valve engineering (5,91 MB)
SAMSON‘s expertise in control valve en-gineering covers all processes in industrial plants. Extensive experience gained over the past years from the design, development, and manufacture of custom-engineered solutions serves as the basis for mastering new challenges.

SAMSON Hydrocarbon Processing (5,13 MB)
SAMSON‘s valve engineering expertise includes all processes involved in hydrocarbon processing.

Samson Magazin 2008 (5,35 MB)
A main valve vendor requires valve suppliers to master the entire ield of valve engineering.

Samson Main Valve Vendor (1,171 MB)
Control Valves for Any Application

Seaeye Falcon - a portable ROV (483 KB)
A ROV intended for inspection, observation and survey operations in coastal or inshore waters.

Seaeye Panther Plus - ROV (493 KB)
A leight weight work class ROV - to provide grater power, payload and interface options.

Secure energy supply (294 KB)
Towards cleaner and safer future.

Selecting offshore LNG processes (272KB)
The crieria for selection of the technology for offshore floating LNG production.

Shell technology report (4.812KB)
Shell report

Ship Collisions during offshore operation (1.39MB)
A collision or impact event may be catastrophic for a platform or a FPSO. Depending on the size and speed of the impacting ship.

Short Term Oil Market Outlook (543 KB)
Foredrag givet af Mike Barry, fra Energy Market Consultants Ltd. aug/september 2004

Skat, moms og personalejura ved aktiviteter i udlandet aktiviteter i udlande (504)
KPMG præsentationen

Smartlogger - Advanched Event Logging (166 KB)
Brochure fra ABB om Smartlogger - Advanched Event Logging

SMD - Hydrovision (289 KB)
Handling system to ensure safe, reliable deployment and recovery of subsea vehicles.

Space weather effects on drilling accurancy in north sea (4.02MB)
The oil industry uses geomagnetic field information to aid directional drilling operations when drilling for oil and gas offshore.

Space weather services for the offshore drilling industry (223KB)

Spending surge for offshore drilling (158KB)
The number of offshore wells drilled around the world has risen along with oil company profits and the oil price.

Spillalert (1,78 MB)
In the summer, UKSpill decided to launch its own quarterly newsletter, SpillAlert, aimed at the wide variety of people, companies and organisations who are not only interested in the world of the oil spill, but who are also buyers or users of our products and services. A 1000 copies were printed and distributed to a variety of destinations including governments, agencies, local authorities, NGO’s ports and harbours. The pdf version was available to the global Interspill markets, and emailed to 6000 worldwide. Close to 500 people have now signed up as regular subscribers, so it wasdecided, as we have had a good response, to produce edition 2 in time for Christmas.

Stimulation Efforts in Carbonate Gas Reservoir Experiencing Subsidence in Offshore North West Java Field - Indonesia (86 KB)
Artikel fra Society of Petroleum Engineers, http://www.spe.org

Storing CO2 with Enhanced Oil Recovery (2064 KB)
CO2 enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) offers the potential for storing significant volumes of carbon dioxide emissions while increasing domestic oil production.

Strengthening Sustainable Practices and Regulations (2.941KB)
The operation and activites in Qatar petroleum

Stress prevention in the offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry (3523 KB)
Stress prevention at the workplace has proved particularly effective in combating stress, by attacking its roots and causes, rather than merely treating its effects.

Structural and Marine Engineering (1151 KB)
Structural and Marine Engineering

Style Guide (713KB)
The best way to write a technical report

Støtteprogrammer for SMVer (1.383 KB)
Praesentation ved Offshore Olie & Gas går internationalt

Subsea Production Assurance (1.053 KB)
Information fra Schlumberger om at få op til 25% ekstra ud af oliebrønde placeret på havbunden.

Summary of the Offshore Installations (Safety Case) Regulations 2005 (40 KB)
A Safety Case is a document containing specified information relating to the management of health and safety and control of major accident hazards



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