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Object Oriented Simulation of Multiphase Flow (33 KB)
Pipelines in offshore oil and gas production systems normally carry a multiphase mixture of oil water and gas. To remove liquid accumulation in the lower portions of hilly terrain, pigging operations are performed.

Offshore aktiviteter - Miljømæssig indflydelse (4,27 MB)
Offshore aktiviteter. Miljømæssig indflydelse på økosystemerne til havs. Rapport udarbejdet af DDH Consulting A/S

Offshore Book 2010 (13,7 MB)
OffshoreBook is mainly focused on Danish and North Sea conditions but is also suitable for off- shore industries based elsewhere.

World consumption of primary energy in 1999 was estimated at 8533.6 million tons oil equivalent. Oil and natural gas accounted for about 65% of the world energy supply. Offshore areas produced 20-30 % of the oil and gas supply.

offshre installation and components

Offshore Oil and Gas Industry of Russia and CIS: Outlook to 2020 (426 KB)
Offshore fields at present account for 30% of global oil and gas production and their share is expected to increase to 40% by 2015 with the development of key upstream projects in all parts of the world. Of the total global reserves of oil and gas 65% lie under sea waters (35% under the continental shelf, 30% in deepwater areas).

Offshore Technology: Lessons Learned the Hard Way (3942 KB)
The first figure shows an example of the permanent fixed offshore platform, in 40 m water depth. It supports wells, a drilling rig, and oil processing equipment.

Offshore terrorsikring håndbog (0,97 MB)
Nærværende , Offshore Terrorsikring Håndbog ” udgiver resultatet af udviklingsprojektet , , Offshore Terrorsikring ”, der blev gennemført af Offshore Center Danmark i perioden november 2007 til marts 2009. Håndbogen giver et overblik over love, regler og kotumer , der er i kraft indenfor terrorsikring af offshoreinstallationer . Dernæst behand-ler håndbogen de , , bløde ” og menneskelige aspekter ved forebyg-gelse af terrorisme, herunder hvad virksomhederne kan og bør gøre i denne sammenhæng. Endelig ønsker håndbogen at beskrive de udfordringer , som små- og mellemstore danske virksomheder ( SMV ) står overfor i forhold til terrorisme, hvis de ønsker at blive underleve-randører til den danske offshore olie- og gas industri.

Offshore Thruster Unit (1.28MB)
Hydrodynamic Test Equipment

Offshore Wind – The North Sea Connection (600 KB)
POWER has become a prominent network and matchmaker for the offshore wind energy industry. Over the last three years, Suffolk County Council has led the way for the East of England to forge links with the leading offshore wind regions around the North Sea.

offshore wind energy development in north European seas (739KB)
Development of wind energy

Offshore Wind Energy Generation (1410 KB)
The need for the development of renewable energy generation in the UK, including wind energy, mainly arises from the requirement to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

Offshore wind energy in Germany (364KB)
will Germanys ffirst large offshore wind park be cooperative project

Offshore wind energy policies and their effects (110KB)
Offshore wind energy policies

Offshore wind experience (625 KB)
This study has reviewed the experiences of the first series of commercial-scale offshore wind installations. It concentrates on the pioneering Northern European projects between 2000 and 2004

Offshore wind farms in Europe (2.985KB)
Survey on wind industry.

The European Union plans to increase the share of renewable en- ergy to 12% by 2010. Offshore wind could make a significant con- tribution to achieving this target.

Offshore wind power in Germany. (91.4KB)
Renewable energies and efficient energy use are the two key terms in finding a solution to the world’s increasing energy problems and the threatening dangers of the warming climate.

Offshore wind resources (103KB)
Ocean winds have been observed from space

Offshore wind resources assessment in European seas (103KB)
Analysis of wind climatology and profiles of wind

Offshorebook 2008 (6,686 MB)
An introduction to the offshore industry

Offsore Technologi Report OTO98 082 (2.40MB)
Analysis and interpretation of the data obtained with the instrumantation of the west Epsilon Jack-up

Oil and Gas Basics (115 KB)
Artikel fra Society of Petroleum Engineers http://www.spe.org

On the Risk of Structural failure on Norwegian Offshore Installations (37 KB)
The paper describes an overview of registered accidents to offshore structures based on the databases WOAD and CODAM

ON/OFF News 01 (1,65 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark News, Includes general information on the offshore industry

ON/OFF News 02 (2,18 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark with specific focus on HSEQ

ON/OFF News 03 (2,12 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark, with specific focus on offshore windmills.

ON/OFF News 04 (2,12 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark, with specific focus on service and maintenance.

ON/OFF News 05 (1,90 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark,with specific focus on offshore automation and control systems

ON/OFF News 06 (2,29 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark, with specific focus on logistics in the offshore industry

ON/OFF News 07 (1,88 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark, with specific focus on subsea installations

ON/OFF News 08 (1,29 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark, with specific focus on materials in the offshore industry.

ON/OFF News 09 (1,62 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark, with specific focus on the 6th Licensing Round, new Offshore Wind Tenders and North Atlantic Licenses

ON/OFF News 10 (1,15 MB)
Offsore Center Danmark, focusing on wave energy

ON/OFF News 11 (4,04 MB)
Offsore Center Danmark, with focus on Industrial Information Technology for the Offshore Industry

ON/OFF News 12 (2,83 MB)
Offsore Center Danmark, with focus on Offshore Wind Power

ON/OFF News 13 (3,02 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark, with focus on HSEQ - Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

ON/OFF News 14 (5,80 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark, with topic: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

ON/OFF News 15 (1,91 MB)
Offsore Center Danmark, with topic: Internationalization

ON/OFF News 16 (1,97 MB)
Offsore Center Danmark,focusing on Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, HSEQ as well as news from Offshore Center Danmark

ON/OFF News 17 (2,51 MB)
Offsore Center Danmark, with topic: Human Resources

ON/OFF News 18 (2,80 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark, Monitoring and Optimisation.

ON/OFF News 19 (2,51 MB)
Offsore Center Danmark, Energy Effectiveness

ON/OFF News 20 (4,52 MB)
Offshore Center Danmark News

ON/OFF News 21 (1,41 MB)
Deep sea

ON/OFF News 22 (1,76 MB)
Topic: Offshore Structures

ON/OFF News 23 (1,76 MB)

ON/OFF News 24 (2,13 MB)
IT, electronics and communication

ON/OFF News 25 (2,01 MB)
Offore center Danmark

ON/OFF Yearbook 2010 (8,69 MB)
Over the years, Danish offshore industry has built up signifi - cant competences to make it capable of operating not only in the offshore oil and gas industry, but also in the fi eld of wind energy. In addition, the industry is increasingly involved internationally.

One trip natural gas trip(Marginal fields) (560KB)
Developing marginal offshore oil reserves profitably

Opfølgning på kortlægningsrapporten ”Fremtidens havmølleplaceringer –2025 (4277 KB)
Energistyrelsen offentliggjorde den 23. april 2007 Fremtidens Havmølleplaceringer – 2025 - en teknisk udvalgsrapport om kortlægning af fremtidens havmølleplaceringer med hørings- frist den 19. juni 2007

Optimal platform design of offshore fields with satellite production (309KB)
A method for the optimal design of oil production platform



Offshore Wind Farms - Map & Database
Offshore Poster
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ON/OFF Yearbook 2013
ON/OFF Februar 2013
Value Chain Analysis (in Danish)
Offshore educations (in Danish)

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