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Health, Safety and Environment

Find documents within the catagory Health, Safety and Environment.

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Generate increased growth and earnings in the offshore industry (2,57 MB)
A growing association seeks more members. Focusing on a goal-oriented effort targeted at the offshore industry, Danish manufacturers and service companies have established a strategic cooperation.

Global Petroleum Survey 2008 (1,54 MB)
The analysis contained in this report is based on information obtained from 396 respondents with over 250 companies. The 2007 petroleum exploration and development budgets of the upstream companies that participated this year totaled approximately $160 billion. According to a recent World Oil report, this represents more than one-third of estimated global upstream expenditures last year (Kieburtz et al., 2008).

Global Strength Evaluation for a Medium-Sized Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig (634KB)
Some design techniques and analysis procedures for a medium sized semi-submersible drilling rig.

Good corporation governance (59 KB)
DNV to certify good corporation governance

Green paper 2006 (200 kB)
A European strategy for sustainable, competetive, and secure energy

Grid - connections in Germany (9.968KB)
Wind farm applied for in Germany section

Grønlands virksomheder i fremtiden (1,45 MB)
Konferencen afholdes over to dage. den første dag fo- kuserer på deinitioner af ledelse, samarbejde og net- værk. den anden dag fokuserer på værktøjer til imple- mentering af ledelse, samarbejde og netværk. Konfe- rencen byder således både på oplæg, workshops og liveinterviews, og konferencen afsluttes med festmid- dag og underholdning den sidste aften.

Guidance Notes Offshore Wind Farm Consents Process (209KB)
The guidance clarifies the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the consents process in England and Wales only, including the DTI and other statutory consenting authorities

Guide to Hydrocarbon Licences in Denmark – Exploration and Drilling, May 2009 (1,789 MB)
The purpose of this guide is to give an overview of the most important regulations and procedures to be followed when carrying out hydrocarbon activities in Denmark. The guide has been compiled mainly with activities in the traditional exploration areas in the North Sea in mind. The Danish Energy Agency hopes that the guide will provide a better understanding of the Danish oil and gas sector. It is our hope that the guide will be useful not only for present licensees, but also for companies interested in starting up oil and gas activities in Denmark.

Guide to hydrocarbon liecences in Denmark (4,03 MB)
To give an overview of the most important regulations and procedures to be followed when carrying out hydrocarbon activities in Denmark.

Guidelines for Assessment of Platforms (46 KB)
Specific guidelines for assessment of platforms or other man-made structures at sea

Guidelines for Design of Wind Turbines (248 KB)
Introduktion og indkøbsformular til bogen 2nd edition af Guidelines for Design of Wind Turbines.

Guidlines for submitting applications for approval for offshore applications (87 KB)
Guidlines for submitting applications for approval for offshore applications



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