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Health, Safety and Environment

Find documents within the catagory Health, Safety and Environment.

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A Guide to Hydrocarbon Licences in Denmark (4,134 MB)
General Legislation and information Exploration and Drilling activities.

A Novel Concept of Minimal Floating Platform for Marginal Field Development (361KB)
Enabling the development of marginal fields in deep and ultra-deepwater.

About underwater noise from offshore wind farms (384 KB)
Artikel fra Middelgrunden wind turbine co-operative

Access to Offshore Wind Turbines (1.170 KB)
Rapport i forbindelse med OCD projektet Anløb til Offshore Vindmøller.

Adfærdssikkerhed (97kb)
Oplæg til kurser i adfærdssikkerhed fra Fjord & Fjord ApS.

Advanced drilling engineering and operation (1, 569 MB)
The demand for oil and gas is pushing the industry into increasingly challenging areas. Much of the remaining reserves are located in deep water or deep reservoirs with high or extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

Aerodynamic Offshore Services (868KB)
Aerodynamic services provided to the offshore engineering and construction industry

An introduction to oil and gas production (5,58 MB)
This handbook is has been compiled to give readers with an interested in the oil and gas production industry an overview of the main processes and equipment. When I started to search for a suitable introduction to be used for new engineers, I discovered that much of this equipment is described in standards, equipment manuals and project documentation. But little material was found to quickly give the reader an overview of the entire upstream area, while still preserving enough detail to let the engineer get an appreciation of the main characteristics and design issues.,

This document is intended to provide an introduction for non-specialists to the key activities and potential sources of environmental effects associated with oil and gas exploration and production. It forms part of the information base for the DTI’s Strategic Environmental Assessment process which aims to facilitate public and other consultation on the potential implications of future licensing of offshore areas of the United Kingdom Continental Shelf.

Analysing Norwegian market (1,5 MB)
This year (2009) is election year and the political parties in Norway are all taking a stand on the topic of oil and gas activities on the Norwegian continental shelf. The oil and gas sector is a hot political topic, not only because of the sectors huge importance with regards to its contribution to the Norwegian economy, but also because of the implications that increased oil and gas activity might have on the th Arctic regions and the overall environmental situation. On the 14 of September 2009 it will be decided which parties will be forming the Norwegian government in the years to come.

Anlægssikkerhed (79 KB)
Anlægssikkerhed - artikel fra Energistyrelsen

Aquagain præsentation (2,43 MB)
Danish wast water solution

Arbejdsmiljø (72 KB)
Arbejdsmiljø - artikel fra Energistyrelsen

Arbejdsulykker og arbejdsbetingede lidelser i offshore og olie- og gasindustrien (510 KB)
Søfartsmedicinsk Institut: Notat 12/1996.

Armeret epoxy – og polyesterplastforbrug og affaldsmængder (510 KB)
Miljøprojekt Nr. 656 2002



Offshore Wind Farms - Map & Database
Offshore Poster
Safety Award 2013
ON/OFF Yearbook 2013
ON/OFF Februar 2013
Value Chain Analysis (in Danish)
Offshore educations (in Danish)

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