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Recurring Offshore Center Danmark events
Below you will find an introcution to recurring in-house events.


Annual meeting (since 2003)

Offshore Center Danmarks annual meeting for all members takes place every September.

Next event: September 12 2013, Esbjerg


OWIB (since 2007)

OWIB is an annual network event dedicated towards making contacts and contracts within the offshore wind industry. It’s an alternative to traditional conferences and exhibitions, where the right people can often be difficult to find. At OWIB, participants have the opportunity to pre book meetings with participating companies, maximizing efficiency.

OWIB is visited by businesses from all levels in the supply chain. Developers, turbine manufactures, engineering companies, construction, installation and service companies etc. Participants are primarily from Europe with some participation expected from other regions as well.

OWIB 2012 was visited by more than 260 people making over 5,600 contacts during the event.

Next event: December 10-12 2013, Esbjerg


OGIB (since 2012)

The offshore oil & gas industry consists of thousands of businesses specializing in each their branch of the supply chain. A good network is essential in order to get contacts to customers, suppliers and cooperative partners.

To maximize efficiency we offer an unconventional event, where you over the course of one day will have the opportunity to meet and network with the exact businesses you wish in an organized and professional manner.

The OGIB event is dedicated towards creating contacts to new customers, suppliers and cooperative partners within the offshore oil & gas industry. It´s an alternative to traditional trade fairs and conferences, where the right people can often be difficult to find. At OGIB, participants have the opportunity to pre-book meetings with participating companies, maximizing efficiency.

Participants include companies from all levels of the supply chain. The event is international with main participation from Denmark and other European countries.

OGIB 2012 was visited by more than 200 people making over 4,500 contacts during the day.

Next event: May 14-16 2013, Esbjerg


The Annual Safety Award (since 2012)

Event in Danish: Sikkerhedsprisen bliver årligt uddelt i marts til en offshore virksomhed, som aktivt har højnet sikkerhedsadfærden for dens medarbejdere. Alle kan indstille en virksomhed til sikkerhedsprisen, hvorefter et ekspertpanel bedømmer de nominerede, og finder frem til vinderen. Præmien beståer af en skulptur vandrepokal, et diplom, et logo for vinderens website og kr. 10.000.

The Annual Safety Award 2012 was joined by 260 people

Next event: Spring 2013, Esbjerg

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